Lena first time dirty sockjob!

Smell those party socks

Lena had been to a party the previous day. She arrived at my place with a hangover and wearing the same socks she had worn at the party. Her socks were extremely smelly and dirty! She didn't quite remember what had happened, but she did remember taking her boots off at one time and dancing around in her socks.

After some smalltalk, i slowly took off her boots and i gave her dirty socks a good sniff. Lena started rubbing my dick with her filty socks while i was smelling her stinky boots! She gave me a very good dirty sockjob, rubbing my dick hard with her strong dancers feet.

I got very horny, grabbed her foot and started rubbing my dick hard over her dirty sock soles. She seemed to like it because she told me she loves a good foot massage! I pushed her socked foot hard on my dick and Lena started pushing it hard until i finally exploded and blew my load all over her dirty socks! This sockjob i will remember for a very long time!

Maria student sockjob!

Amateur student socks on my dick

Maria needed some money and she responded to my ad in a local college paper. I had never seen her before and i was pleasantly surprised when i openend the door. A beatifull college girl, straight from the university.

I took off her boots and i immediately started sniffing her boots and smelly student socks. Maria started to rub my jeans with her little feet and i could feel she has very strong feet. She kept on grinding my dick with her socked feet and she told me she could feel my dick grow in my pants.

Maria was wearing her well worn socks, and they were very soft to my touch. I could stand her foot-teasing no longer and i took off my jeans. When her soft socks touched my dick for the first time i nearly came! She started rubbing me gently and after a while i grabbed her foot and pushed it hard on my dick until i came! A great dirty socked footjob by Maria!

Klarissa nasty footjob

No time for clean socks

Klarissa is a nasty girl i picked up in a local bar. I had been drinking and watching her all evening. She kept sliding off her shoes and i noticed she was wearing very worn out socks. I offered her a drink and after a while we went to her place.

She took off her smelly sneakers and started rubbing my dick with those filthy worn socks. I got very horny and i told her i wanted to fuck her as well for a little bit. She also gave me a blowjob. I wanted to feel her dirty socks on my dick again. She started rubbing quite nice until i blew a huge load!

Mandy and Jill two girl sockjob

Oh those college days

Living near a University has it advantages. Mandy and Jill responded to my sockjob advertisement and before i knew it they were at my appartment, giggling at my couch. Mandy was wearing old leather boots and Jill was wearing smelly worn sneakers.

I first took off mandy's boots and made her smell them. She started teasing my dick with her well worn ankle socks. While she rubbed my dick with her soft feet i took off Jill's sneakers. Jill was wearing smelly white sport socks!

Both girls started rubbing my dick very hard with their socked feet. Especially Mandy had a dominant streak. She rubbed her socked toes hard over the tip of my cock until i exploded!

Lena white sockjob vid

Dirty white socks!

Lena paid me a visit after she had been working all day at the clothing store. Her feet were sore from standing all day and she quickly took off her heavy leather boots.

She was wearing dirty white socks and i started smelling them. The scent from her feet made me horny and Lena started rubbing my dick with her feet She has quite flexible feet and soon her toes were all over my dick!

Lena rubbed me hard with her sexy white socks. I actually had trouble holding the camera steady for the video. She gave me a really hard sockjob until i had a huge cumshot!

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