Dirty sockjob videos!

Welcome to my sockjob website.

If you like sockjobs you came to the right place! I am a regular guy who happens to like dirty sockjobs from college girls. I videotape my sockjob adventures and put them on this website for you to enjoy as well.

All the girls are real amateurs, most of them have no experience with giving a sockjob. I simply invite the girls to my place, most of them straight from work or college and get a footjob with the socks they happen to be wearing.

When i take off her shoes and feel her smelly socked foot on my dick i am in heaven! She starts rubbing gently and teasing my dick with her socks until i can take it no longer and blow my load all over her dirty socked feet!

I also like to sniff her smelly sneakers while she rubs my dick with her soft socked feet. I usually also ask the girl to smell her own shoes or sneakers while rubbing me with her feet. The sight of her pretty face deep into her smelly shoes really turns me on.

Cherry college girl sockjob video

No time to study!

Cherry is a poor college girl and she was looking for a way to make some money. She reacted to my sock fetish add in the local university newspaper and we made an appointment at my place. I was quite nervous when she entered my appartment. She looked really gorgeous and quite dominant!

Cherry told me she was studying law and her ambition was to become a judge some day. She was very businesslike and not shy at all. She agreed to give me a nasty sockjob in exchange for a good chunk of cash. By this time i was getting really excited. I had been eying her sneakers and couldn't wait to take them off and of course make her sniff them!

I slowly took off one sneaker and she started to rub my dick with her warm socked foot. I got very hard and asked her to give her nasty sneaker a good sniff. She kept rubbing my dick with her socks and at the same time buried her face deep into her smelly sneaker! I really had to make an effort not too cum right there!

I took off her other sneaker and Cherry began stroking my cock with her socks. She kept rubbing me hard with her smelly socked feet and didn't seem to mind me taking a video of it. The idea of a future judge giving me a hard sockjob in her student years was too much for me and i rubbed my dick hard against her socked soles until i blew a huge load all over her socks!

Cindy's worn socks and smelly sneakers

Please let me sniff them!

Cindy is a friend from a friend and she had heard about my sockjob videos. She was interested to do a video and maybe make some money, so she paid me a visit. Cindy is a dominant girl (i don't dare call her a bitch :) wearing a black leather jacket and usually dating the local biker boys.

When i took off one of her smelly sneakers i saw she was wearing well worn and dirty white socks. She didīt have the time to put on clean socks or maybe she just wasnīt interested. I was afraid to ask but i was also too busy smelling her sneakers!

She didnīt say alot, she just started rubbing my dick hard with her sock and sneaker! I really enjoyed fucking the dirty socked feet of this attractive dominant girl, who was actually way out of my dating leage! This didnīt stop me from blowing a huge sticky load all over her worn white bitch socks :)

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